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Valentines Day is just a week away!  I've been thinking about it, but haven't done much to prepare.  My son is in pre-school and they'll be having a party to celebrate.  He'll be taking a treat for each classmate.  Now, I know I can go and buy the Valentines cards at the store, write his classmates' names on them and we'll be ready to go.  But, being the artsy crafty person that I am, I think we're going to be making some.  I also like the idea of involving him in the process, plus he really enjoys all of the artsy crafty stuff too.


I've searched the internet for some ideas that are manageable for a 4 year old, yet fun for any age, and can be completed over the weekend.  Considering that he has 24 classmates, we need something that won't be too pricey or complicated.


Melted Crayon Hearts from Flickr.com : I really like what the little card says "Happy Valentine's Day for Crayon Out Loud!"



Valentine Handprint Cards from Rosy~Posy: These are super cute, but may take some time especially if you have lots to make. 



Butterfly Valentine from skiptomylou.org: These are free butterfly printables.



Super Hero Valentine from zakkalife.blogspot.com: These are so fun and also have free printables to make it easier on you.



Photo Valentines from designmom.com: These are great and oh so personal.  Your kids will love seeing themselves this way. 



I really love these ideas because they involve the kiddos and it makes it more personalized for them.  They get to be a part of creating these special gifts for their friends.  


If you have any ideas that you'd like to share, please comment below.  We'd love to hear your great ideas.


Also, if you're looking for some great materials and supplies to make these lovely little valentines, look no further than El Paso's own Pizazz.  They have tons of pretty paper, cutting tools and other fun stuff to make your cards extra special.


Click here to visit their website: Pizazz 


Written by Itze Bernal, proud epMama and website coordinator for epParent.com


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